Rainbow Ryders is New Mexico Safe Certified

Stay safe while exploring the sky!

Sep 20, 2020

Rainbow Ryders has taken the New Mexico Safe Certified pledge to keep our passengers, our staff, and our community safe. This means we promise to:

  • Wear It Well: all of our staff and passengers are expected to wear face masks at all times (except when eating or drinking)
  • Keep Our Distance: wherever possible, we have implemented social distancing protocols, including limiting the number of passengers in our baskets
  • Stay Home When Sick: we’ve introduced a wellness survey to all passengers to ensure no one shows up to fly while sick
  • Suds Up Often: we meet our passengers at our office, not in a parking lot. This allows everyone access to additional hand sanitizer stations, as well as sanitary bathrooms to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • Be In The Know: our staff is constantly monitoring webinars and other educational resources to allow us to continually update our COVID Safe Practices.

The goal of Rainbow Ryders is to not only meet the standards set by government and health agencies but to be leaders in our industry and set the standards for ballooning across the world as we all stand together to fight this pandemic. Thus, we have implemented some additional standards for our business as well:

  • Temperature Scans: temperature scanners will be available to scan all staff and passengers before every flight. While we do understand some COVID positive people do not exhibit a fever as a symptom, we have hope that this standard coupled with all the others implemented will help keep everyone safe.
  • Outdoor Adventure: from everything we’ve learned through this pandemic, being outdoors seems to be the safest option. Our flights operate in some of the most sunshine-filled states, allowing us to operate year-round, outdoors.
  • Protective Barriers:  we fly outdoors, we ask everyone to wear masks, but as an added measure, our baskets have partitions that come up to about 4′ high, further separating non-household parties.
  • Flexibility and Ease of Scheduling: one of the main lessons we’ve learned both professionally and personally this year is to be flexible. We understand your plans can change quickly in this time, so we will work with you however we can to rearrange your flight plans.
  • Enhanced Cleaning: Rainbow Ryders has purchased chemical foggers and disinfectants to clean all our balloons, vehicles, and equipment after every flight. Additionally, we allow at least 6 – 12 hours between use for our buildings and check-in areas.

All the above standards have been implemented since the start of the pandemic. But there are even more additional standards we set as a company to keep you safe during your hot air balloon adventure!

  • Fly With the Best: Our pilots have flown more than 50,000 hours, serving more than 275,000 passengers. All our pilots are FAA certified and have nearly 200 years of combined experience. Their jokes aren’t too shabby either.
  • Rigorous Certification: We regularly drug and alcohol test our flight team, and in addition to their commercial pilot’s training, they are all required to carry a 2nd Class Airman Medical Certificate.
  • Insurance and Safety: Rainbow Ryders carries the highest level of insurance certification available to our industry. We have won countless awards and have been named the only official ride operator for world-renowned events due to the impeccable safety record we hold as a company.

Rainbow Ryders has operated with your safety top-of-mind for nearly four decades now. You can trust that moving forward, we will continue that practice. Not only are we protecting our passengers and staff with these added measures, but hopefully our entire community. As new guidelines are released, rest assured we will continue to update you and our practices. Here’s to onwards and upwards.

We can’t wait to explore the skies with you!

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