New Growth and Opportunities

Acquisition of

Sep 17, 2019

Rainbow Ryders has recently acquired the domain and website

We will be working to revamp the look of the site, while still supporting our ballooning community. Commercially, our vision is to include an educational aspect for those who are not as well versed in ballooning culture. That can range anywhere from understanding what questions to ask a commercial balloon ride operator to how hot air balloons operate.

We will have links to reputable commercial ride operators around the country in order to go the extra yard to provide passengers with the best-managed risk on the ground and in the air. What makes a company reputable? Mandated 2nd-Class Medicals, drug/alcohol screening of pilots, continuing education, and safety seminars to name a few.

We will also be looking at the promotion of corporate ballooning and the activation of corporate balloons. Availing agencies and corporate marketing pertinent information for an accountable approach to corporate ballooning.

Lastly, we will be continuing the practice of listing ballooning events around the country and abroad.

We will have promotional space available to purchase under each of these items. A policy for this will be posted publicly on the site and will be transparent.

If you have any input to what you would like to see, please feel free to chime in and let us know. Our ultimate goal is that of promoting hot air balloon business in the most professional, safe, accountable light and we look forward to making that the core of the new site and the messages we will be posting and sharing.

Would like to thank Jim Whitesell for all that he has done for the past with the site and we will not disappoint or let him down as we invest in the future and promotion of modern-day ballooning. We are proud to be the lucky bidder to get the domain.