How A Hot Air Balloon Works

Learn how our Pilots have perfect control!

Jan 10, 2017

Have you ever wondered how a hot air balloon can float so gracefully across the skies?

Here is how they work!

Because heat rises, hot air is pushed by burners into the envelope of the balloon, allowing the balloon to ascend.

At the bottom of the balloon is a scoop. The scoop protects the burners from wind, allowing the flame and hot air to blow straight up into the envelope.

The envelope, typically made of nylon, is made of vertical sections called gores. The gores are stitched together with panels to create an airtight seal.

At the top of a hot air balloon is a hole called a parachute vent. This is opened by pulling a rope that allows for the release of hot air, making the balloon descend. The pilot controls how much hot air is pushed into the balloon, and how much is released, allowing for perfect control of the flight.

Hot air balloons travel by the direction of air currents, therefore there is essentially no wind to rock the basket. If you are afraid of heights, this is still an adventure for you! We have flown many people with a fear of heights who have loved the ride.

Ballooning is a safe, fun, and beautiful adventure. Book your flight today!