Hot Air Balloon Safety

Jan 22, 2024

Here at Rainbow Ryders, the safety of our passengers and staff has been our top priority for more than 40 years, with over 750,000 passengers flown. 

To ensure the safety of our passengers, there are many precautions we take daily. Our top-notch equipment is inspected before every flight as well as consistent inspections of our equipment performed with an FAA certified repair station.

Our highly experienced pilots, who have over 100,000 hours of combined flight experience, are well qualified with an FAA commercial pilot’s license as well as a second-class medical certificate. Our pilots monitor weather thoroughly before each flight, guaranteeing optimal safety conditions. Additionally, our pilots undergo routine drug and alcohol testing, annual flight reviews, as well as attending and participating in over six safety seminars annually. Rainbow Ryders has led this standard for over a decade.

The expert planning by our team of pilots and support crew ensures that we do our jobs with the utmost safety and responsibility while providing YOU with the best bucket list experience.

Rainbow Ryders started offering hot air balloon flights in the scenic Rio Grande Valley back in 1983 and we have grown to become the premier and largest hot air balloon ride company in the United States, with flights offered in Phoenix, Albuquerque, and Colorado Springs with our forty-balloon fleet. We are the official ride operator for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® as well as Colorado Springs’s Labor Day Lift Off. From family vacations to corporate events, wedding proposals or to checking it off your bucket list, we delight flyers of all ages with an incredible, thrill-seeking and safe experience. 


We look forward to flying you soon!