Tethers and Balloon Glow for Group Events

Great for events in the morning, our tethered balloon rides lift passengers to a low altitude in a fixed location. To brighten up any evening event, Rainbow Ryders’ balloon glows can illuminate one balloon or an entire fleet.

Contact Rainbow Ryders for tethers or a balloon glow at your next group event: (800) 725-2477.


Balloon Tethers

What is a tethered balloon ride?

Rainbow Ryders offers tethered balloon rides that lift passengers in an inflated hot air balloon to a low altitude in a fixed location using ropes secured to the ground.

The first tethered balloon ride with humans on board took place on October 20, 1783 in Paris.

Please call the Rainbow Ryders Hot Air Balloon Company office at (800) 725-2477 and make hot air balloon tethers and balloon glows an exciting part of your group event.


Balloon Glows

What is a balloon glow?

Balloon glows display tethered hot air balloons at night. When illuminated by propane burners, the balloon creates light displays and spectacular effects in the night sky.

Rainbow Ryders helped pioneer the balloon glow in 1973. Each year we create a light show with our balloon fleet with balloon glows at the world’s biggest hot air balloon event, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.®