Brooke Owen

Growing up in a ballooning family, Brooke is a second generation balloon pilot. After obtaining his balloon repairman certification he turned his attention to flying and received his pilot certificate in 1994. A few years of flying special shaped and corporate balloons around the country led him to Albuquerque, NM with a full-time pilot position with Rainbow Ryders.

Living in Albuquerque, Brooke was able to acquire a significant amount of flight hours and passenger flying experience. In 2013, wanting to be closer to family, he packed up and moved to the northeast and purchased Adirondack Balloon Flights (ADKBalloon.com). In the winter season, you’ll find him back where it all began in Albuquerque. Having flown more than 3700 flight hours and over 35,000 passengers in balloons, his flight experience is unmatched.