Customer Spotlight: Cherie Milarcik

Every year, people flock from all over the world to attend the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta ®. While they all have their own stories and special occasions for attending this unique bucket list event, one in particular stood out.

                                                               Photo credits given to Cherie Milarcik

The 60th birthday is a milestone that Don Milarcik didn’t want his wife, Cherie, to soon forget. While jewelry and clothing are great for any other birthday, this was one he had to make extra special.


The day of her 60th, Don waited until Cherie was away for the day to fill their house with specially shaped balloons, hinting at the ultimate birthday present to come. The second phase of the birthday surprise came when Don took Cherie out to dinner to meet up with her friends and daughter.


In a special grand reveal of the final present, Don gave Cherie a postcard of the Balloon Fiesta and told her that she would be getting the ultimate bucket list adventure: a hot air balloon ride during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta ®!

                                                           Photo credits given to Cherie Milarcik

Although Don was scared of heights, he knew that riding in a hot air balloon was something that was on his wife’s bucket list. Despite that fear, Don ultimately enjoyed flying in the balloon just as much as his wife.


And even then, the 60th birthday celebration did not end at the Balloon Fiesta…Don also took Cherie to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas! Part of their trip brought them to Monument Valley where in the morning, two hot air balloons were being set up right in front of where they were staying! Cherie called this “the gift that keeps on giving”.


We’d like to extend our thanks to Don and Cherie for sharing their story and allowing us to be a part of this special celebration. Big kudos to Don for the surprise reveal and planning! #husbandgoals


                                                           Photo credits given to Cherie Milarcik