Celebrating the Essential

Providing hope for the future

Apr 14, 2020

UPDATE: Thank you to all who are working on the front lines of this pandemic, and a thank you to all who entered. We wish we could give away balloon rides to every single one of you. The response to this giveaway was astounding, and we can’t wait to do more and give back to our community in the future!

Congrats to all the graduates, and to everyone who won! 

Rainbow Ryders is doing what we can to provide hope for the future. While we are offering significantly discounted gift certificates for everyone to book a bucket list adventure of their own, we would also like to thank all first responders and front line workers for providing essential services and healthcare.

Thus, we have decided to launch a weekly giveaway; Rainbow Ryders Hope for New Horizons.

Once a week, we will draw the name of someone who either works as a first responder, medical professional, or anyone in the grocery/pharmacy industry currently on the front lines of the pandemic. There will be one winner per week per location (Albuquerque, NM, Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ, and Colorado Springs, CO) who will win a balloon ride for two, with the flexibility to book whenever works best with their schedule once we are flying again.

Please note: when we contact you as a winner, we will be asking for credentials.